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NHASCD is delighted to welcome two new members of the Board of Directors. 

Randy Wormald loves to teach math, and his instructional expertise has been recognized with many awards.  These honors include NH Teacher of the Year in 2005; Disney Outstanding High School Teacher of the Year; Cable in the Classroom Leader in Learning; INIG Unsung Hero Award; and IEEE-NH's Cloud Computing Award.  In addition, Randy was one of the top five finalists for the Great American Teacher Award.  During his professional career he has taught Math &I/or Computer Education in Nantucket, Belmont, Andover, Londonderry, and Taiwan; currently he is a Mathematics Teacher at Kearsarge Regional High School. After earning degrees at U. of Maine and U. of Wyoming, Randy attended Northeastern University for his Ed.D. in Curriculum Leadership.  In 1993-94 he enjoyed working as a Mathematics Instructor at the Univ. of New Hampshire.  He believes that teachers can increase student and teacher engagement through innovative educational practices, including the use of current and emerging technologies.